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Prices are for Service Call and Diagnostics. We come to your home and figure out what exactly is wrong with your appliance. We than give you a total for a repair. Total includes Service Call and Diagnostics, Labor, Parts, and taxes. You than decide weather or not you want it repaired. If you decide to have it repaired the total quoted is the amount you pay regardless if it takes us longer than expected to do the repair. If you decide not to have it fixed than all you owe is for the Service Call and Diagnostics

We also pickup working and non-working appliances. If they are in the garage or in the driveway we will pick them up free of charge. If the have to be moved out of the home where there is a chance of damages a $25.00 fee per unit is applied.( This is due to liability uses. For example stratching the wall or floor of your home). Damages rarely happen but for insurance purposes we must apply this fee.